B18 – Covid19-NMR

The Covid19-NMR was initiated at the Goethe University in Frankfurt in March 2020, and has since quickly grown into an international consortium. Today, scientists from all over the world are collaborating in a unique effort to investigate SARS-CoV2 using NMR spectroscopy, based on open science principles. The goals, and specifically the shared scientific targets of the project, are coordinated by Prof. Harald Schwalbe and his team in Frankfurt.
The core team includes 5 professors and junior group leaders from Darmstadt and Frankfurt and 9 senior scientists from the Biological Magnetic Resonance Center (BMRZ), Frankfurt. This core team sets out and coordinates the research tasks carried out in Frankfurt as well as in research groups from all over the world. The overall goal achieved by this consortium is to join forces to achieve excellent scientific results as quickly as possible. To communicate research progress rapidly, the consortium uses this website to make results available and communicate progress. To this end, the consortium is supported by the startup company SIGNALS from Frankfurt.