Project A1 – Conformational dynamics of RNA regulation elements studied by NMR spectroscopy

Working on this project:

Harald Schwalbe & Team

The major goal of A1 is to develop mechanistic models to contribute to our understanding of RNA-based regulation. In the 2nd funding period, we have utilized NMR-spectroscopy, but also other biophysical techniques (CD, stopped-flow fluorescence, ITC, single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy) and biochemical transcription and translation assays to understand the molecular mechanism of riboswitch RNAs acting at the level of transcription or translation. In the 3rd funding period, we will extend our studies to a) riboswitches with coupled transcriptional and translational regulation, b) to additional regulation elements (RNA thermometers and G-quadruplexes), c) novel guanidinium-sensing riboswitches essential in the CRC as well as d) effects of the small ribosomal subunit and ribosomal protein S1 enhancing the regulatory function of translational riboswitches. We further continue to develop tools in RNA research for the study of increasingly large RNAs and RNA-protein complexes.